ST. TEIL Icy Cooling weighted blanket.

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cooling weighted blanketweighted blanket for hot sleeper
Forget the so-called “bamboo cooling”stuff .

St.teil icy cooling weighted blanket cover presenting you the truly cooling blanket for hot sleeper, for real.

Unlike the “bamboo cooling” weighted blanket on the market.
St. Teil icy cooling cover is added with heat dissipation material in the spinning process,unique yam structure and elasticized process gives lasting cool feeling, which represents revolutionary innovation.

Through these processing techniques, the cool fiber product changes the original fabric structure,
enables the sweat secreted by the body surface to be quickly dissipated, and maintains the dry comfort when the body surface is in contact with the fabric.

Slow heat absorption, fast heat dissipation, instantly feel fresh and cool when in contact with the skin, thus reducing body temperature and making a cooling effect. St..teil Icy cooling weighted blanket uses the same advanced weight distribution technology as the classic St.teil weighted Blanket, but with a St.teil icy cooling cover. No more sweat and Anxiety.

If you are a hot sleeper or simply want to enjoy the cooler sleep during the heater-on nights, the St. Teil Icy Cooling was made for you.