Luxury Natural Latex Topper Mattress Topper with Bamboo Cover

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  • 2 inch thickness Natural Latex Topper(1 inch for carton kid topper)
  • A luxurious soft top without losing the support from underneath.
  • Natural Latex is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant and naturally stays cool.
  • Removable Bamboo cover, easy to wash.
  • Come with A BOX, easy to carry.

Why Choose a Natural Latex Mattress Topper?

Our high quality Natural latex mattress topper is often the perfect solution to either improve the comfort of an existing mattress or even to enhance a brand new mattress.
The best mattress toppers are those which will not only make a mattress "comfortable" (softer), but one which improves pressure relief, balances temperature and regulates humidity.
When a topper provides these benefits, you'll toss and turn less which results in more rested sleep.

Comfort and Support
- Our natural latex foam reacts instantly to provide perfect comfort and support. Unlike memory foam, you'll never experience any sinking as the night goes by. Our topper will maintain contoured support throughout the night. 
- Natural Latex Foam is heat neutral. It will not absorb body heat or change firmness depending on the temperature. Latex foam is an open-celled foam and contains tiny air chambers that run throughout the foam. These air chambers allow the air to flow freely though the topper. Our natural latex topper can serve as a great buffer between your body and a hot memory foam (or polyurethane foam) mattress.

Give your bed a completely new feel with this 2 inch natural latex topper featured in cartoon design Premium 100% Cotton Anti-dust and mite fabric. Provides you with superior elasticity and resilience, and amazing support.Hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant and naturally stays cool.