So...What is a weighted blanket and the benefits of a weighted blanket

Here are some benefits of weighted blankets.

Weighted blankets are exactly what they sound like — they're heavy blankets (typically 10 pounds or more) filled with a material such as glass bead and plastic pellets.

Because you couldn’t physically move as much, you would notice that your thoughts won't racing as much either.The theory is that the deep pressure you feel from being under all of that weight has a calming effect.

The deep pressure of the blanket makes you feel like you’re being hugged or swaddled. They make it harder for you to move and thus harder for you to disturb yourself while you sleep.

Studies have shown that weighted blankets can produce a “calming effect” in kids and adults with sensory processing disorder. The same research also states that weighted blankets help reduce the anxiety that often accompanies the condition.

A weighted blanket isn’t for everyone. Some people may feel uncomfortable. If you’re buying one for a child, get a lighter one.

Legal Disclaimer
The minimum age for the use of a weighted blanket is 5 years old.Weighted blankets should never be used to restrain a person or restrict their movement. Weighted blankets should never go past the shoulders and should never cover the head. Pregnant women, baby's under 5 years old and people who can't move the heavy blanket themselves are prohibited to use the product.