DIY your own mattress

Yah, you are right. We do build mattress here. You could customize your own mattress here. From height, size and even material.

Now we offer natural latex, high density foam, memorial foam, softer support foam and even coco pad. You could choose from these stuff and we will make it for you.

Living Toronto? Come to our store or Send us an e-mail and we will arrange the shipment.

custom mattress

Foundation, or base of the ultimate mattress is built with high-density foam and acts as a boxspring, while providing unparalleled reinforcement. It adds durability, strength and comfort without feeling too firm.

The support layer serves as a transition between the top layer and the base. It is designed for your comfort and provides full-body support to ensure a better sleep.It allows air to circulate as well, keeping you cool while adapting to your body. It identifies the pressure points, reducing the temperature and the firmness of these points in seconds only.

The Fabric Features a premium quality knitted fabric with quality Chain stitched Quilting,gives you a delicate, soft surface to lie on.


Hmmm, skip the official description, tell us what you need, and we will make it for you. Nice and easy.